Anita Hiranandani

I have a masters in floristry. I mostly paint flowers in mixed media. In lockdown I have experimented with different and unusual materials to give 3D dimension to my paintings.


Box of Crayons

Your attitude is like a box of crayons that colours your world
It’s an oil painting with polymer clay squares, finished with epoxy resin

100/40 cm
Mixed media on canvas

Poppies hope of Peace

Whatever life plants you bloom with grace
It is an oil painting on canvas, with poppies made with polymer clay and finished with epoxy resin.
90 x 60
Mixed Media, Oils, epoxy resin on clay

In Sync

It is an oil painting on canvas framed board, fish is made from polymer clay to give a 3d effect and finished with epoxy resin.
Let’s swim with the flow, toward the light, out of the storm in a synchronised manner.
90 x 60
Mixed Media