Anthony Dunphy

Location - Japan

About the Artist

I have chosen to call my gallery by the name Killick as a killick is a homemade anchor which is very popular on the island of my birth, Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada in the North Atlantic. My art is also homemade and the anchor is representative of my years on the sea as a member of the Royal Canadian Navy as well as the fact that I paint a great number of seascapes.

As an artist I strive to develop paintings that speak, not only to me personally, but also to a much larger segment of society about a wide range of subjects from florals to classic cars. My past, as a sailor, influences my choice of using water in many of my paintings. Living in Asia has lent a softer quality to my work especially when it is a nostalgia piece. A love of Country music has seen the introduction of farm scenes, cowboys and trucks into my work as has a lifelong interest in classic cars with an Art Deco styling. My finished works are filled with light and vibrant colors to reflect my personal view of the world. Joy is found in every part of my experience and I hope that the feeling conveys itself through my art to my viewers.