Invitation to Sell Your Art to the Highest Bidder

We are delighted to invite you to the 99 UK Art Auction! Following the success of our 99 World Artist UK Contest this year, we have launched this new initiative to host an auction to further promote your work and find potential buyers for the featured members of 99 World Artists and the contestants of 99 UK Artist Contest.  We are excited to host this fantastic opportunity for artists to promote their work to art lovers and aficionados from around the world.


About the Auction


The auction will feature 99 pieces of carefully selected artwork by various artists. Participants can choose a starting price or a reserve price for each piece.

Given the restrictions this year,  the auction will take place online and will be promoted to a world-wide audience, with buyers being able to bid online. The auction will run for one month, and at the end of the month, the art work will be sold to the highest bidder. 

There is a further opportunity for artists to showcase their work at our live online event called, Market Place. 


Selection or Artwork for the Auction

The Auction is open to all the artists on the 99 World Artists platform, as well as the contestants of the 99 UK Artists contests.

The 99 pieces of art will be selected by the Auction Managing Committee, (the Auction Management Committee consists of gallery owners, interior designers and personnel from 99 World Artists). The selection criteria will include:

1. Quality of artwork

2. Marketability of the product 

3. Ranking/popularity of the artist during the contest.


Auction Time Table

Start DateActivity
Sun Mar 28thLast date for Entry Submissions
Sun April 4thSelection of 99 Artworks for Auction
Mon April 19thStart of Auction
Sun May 9thMarket Place
Sun May 16thEnd of Auction

The Market Place

As part of this initiative to raise awareness of the artists’ work, we will be hosting The Market Place. This is a live online event for up to 10 artists, who will be selected by the Auction Management Committee to take part in the session. Each of the 10 artists will be given 5 minutes to present their work. Buyers attending the market place can bid for the work during the event. If there are no previous bids on that work, the artist can decide to sell their work that day, on the spot. 

Why enter?

The 99 World Artist UK contest was hugely successful, with over 400 applications and 192 contestants taking part in the contest. The contest attracted attention and immense interest from the public across social media channels and our website. More than 10,000 votes were cast online and more than 500 people attended the live events.  We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and comments, in particular, asking if we would be running any future events and more importantly, if the pieces of artwork displayed throughout the contest were for sale. This is brilliant opportunity to build on the success of contest and share your artwork with a wider audience.