UK Artists Elimination Rounds Results

  • The public vote is the total number of Votes count of all people voting on the website
  • Invalid Votes are votes with invalid email ids or from people who voted for less than 3 artists
  • Judges Mark is a mark out of 50 each Judges awarded to the artist, with 3 Judges marking each artists. Therefore the maximum mark is 150
  • Public Vote Score and the Judges Score is the proportional score out of a total score of 50  
RankNameTotal VotesInvalid VotesValid VotesJudges MarkPublic Vote ScoreJudges ScoreTotal Score
1Daniel Cameron202181841142.852.915.76
2Martin Fric175131621262.513.225.73
3Neal Vaughan172131591262.463.225.68
4Anita Hiranandani210221881052.912.695.60
5Kimberly Randall173181551182.403.015.41
6Sian Price22939190962.942.455.39
7Nichola Ethelston179101691082.622.745.36
8Stacey Hobbs17161651102.552.805.35
9Krasmir Koev195411541162.382.945.33
10James Waterman171151561112.422.835.24
11Jenny Sexton171141571092.432.775.20
12Rachel Sykes174101641042.542.655.19
13Oonagh Quinn175261491132.312.895.19
14Rajan Dey187321551042.402.645.04
15Cristina Isac1719162992.512.525.03
16Veronica Krause171251461072.262.734.99
17Glenn Davison17715162972.512.474.98
18Les Cuthbert17219153992.372.524.89
19Raymond Ore1731216102.492.49
20Stefan Nedeleu1713313802.142.14

All about the event

We have created a thriving global community with a shared love of art, handpicking undiscovered artists. The 99WorldArtists is an artists collective, with a growing online presence around the world.  Our mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in art and provide guidance to artists to help them promote their work.

The 99 UK Art Contest is a fantastic opportunity for UK Artists to showcase their work to new audiences in the UK and across the globe. This is a must-see event for artists and art lovers! Over 500 people are expected to attend these online events. Come and see for yourself what these talented UK artists have to offer and be part of this thrilling live experience.